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Elyse + Michael | Fairytale Wedding | Lake of the Forest | Kansas City

Jul 21, 2015

One look at the shot of Michael as his bride, Elyse, walks down the aisle towards him on their wedding day and you understand the depth of their connection. The two of them met in high school and quickly became inseparable. Their friends and family didn’t wonder ‘If’ they’d get married; it was only a matter of time. They’ve managed to sustain a strong relationship after living in separate states, completing their undergraduate degrees, and they continue their commitment and support of each other as they earn masters degrees.

Capturing their wedding day was an absolutely beautiful experience. Elyse was positively glowing, and Michael looked at her with such warmth and devotion. Each time we moved locations to take their photos, he was so gentle and patient with her. (Beautiful ball gowns don’t allow us girls to be quite as nimble as normal!) Elyse was a glittering princess, and Michael treated her as such!

Michael and Elyse, it was such a privilege to be a part of your truly magical day. Each detail was executed impeccably, but none outshone the love that radiates between the two of you!

Thank you so much for including me in such special memories!

– Felicia


Speaking of princesses and fairytales, did I mention that was the THEME of this wedding? The centerpieces were INCREDIBLE.2015-07-08_0003

Elyse’s ring was an heirloom in Michael’s family, making it even more sentimental and special.2015-07-08_0004




2015-07-08_0025After hanging out with the girls, I met up with Michael and the guys who were getting ready at the church.


They sneakily incorporated this ‘Triforce’ symbol into a couple of aspects of their wedding. Hopefully you’re cooler than me and know what that is. I just googled it to remind myself what it was called. hehe 🙂2015-07-08_0012

The bride and groom were married at St. Joesph’s Catholic Church in Shawnee, Kansas.


Elyse literally took Michael’s breath away. After this reaction, he had to look away for a moment.


This church was round! I loved how uniquely dramatic the images turned out.


These bridesmaids were so sweet and a blast to be around! 2015-07-08_0008

See what I mean?


You would have never known about 20 minutes before these pictures the sky was black and it rained pretty heavily. Rain is good luck on your wedding day, by the way! (Trust me, they don’t need it.)


Let me just say this, their crew was so much fun!!


The way Michael looks at her!!


The beading on Elyse’s dress was so stunning!


Sunset. Wedding. Pictures.

2015-07-08_0017 2015-07-08_0019

Bloom47 did such a great job adding that whimsy yet modern flair to the flowers!


The Lake of the Forest Clubhouse was the perfect setting for this fairytale. If you were to stand on that porch and look out, you would see the beautiful lake that was behind Michael and Elyse in some of their images. SO amazing! It looks like the image below.



There’s nothing like a midnight kiss in a Rolls Royce to start the beginning of forever together. <3

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