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Rachael + Sean | Married | Sioux Falls| Minnehaha Country Club

Aug 30, 2015

“He looked at her the way all women want to be looked at by a man.” – The Great Gatsby

^^I don’t mean that in an annoying, cliche way. I mean it in the zero hesitation, hearts full of the Lord kind of way. Rachael and Sean were glowing. Even on day 1 of their marriage, Sean’s every glance and move conveyed his intention of not only leading Rachael, but adoring her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen love like I witnessed at this wedding. Not just between the bride and groom, but among the families and friends, too! Love was just oozing all over the place! I can only hope to have captured an ounce of how full my heart felt photographing such a beautiful day.

Sean and Rachael, I can not express how special it was to be a witness to your love and commitment to each other, and to share such joy with you and your families on your wedding day. Thank you so much for entrusting your memories to me.


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Rachael and the girls got ready for the day at her parent’s home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Ashley Hopper Blog_0047

Rachael’s wedding shoes are actually the shoes her grandmother wore on her wedding. So special!!
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Rachael and Sean were married at St. Joesph’s Cathedral of Sioux Falls.Ashley Hopper Blog_0051Ashley Hopper Blog_0052Ashley Hopper Blog_0053Ashley Hopper Blog_0054

Sean and his buddies were some serious dancers! We’re not talking guys that can carry a beat, these boys were swingin’ girls all over the reception!Ashley Hopper Blog_0055Ashley Hopper Blog_0056Ashley Hopper Blog_0057Ashley Hopper Blog_0058

Did I mention that the Cathedral is beyond stunning? Well, now I did.

Ashley Hopper Blog_0059Ashley Hopper Blog_0060Ashley Hopper Blog_0061Ashley Hopper Blog_0062Ashley Hopper Blog_0063Ashley Hopper Blog_0064Ashley Hopper Blog_0065

As I took this picture of Rachael by herself in Mary’s grotto, Sean said, ‘Oh my gosh, Rachael, you’re the most beautiful woman God’s ever created!’ If you know Sean, or have read anything I said above, he meant this with the utmost sincerity and it was sooo sweet to hear him say!!Ashley Hopper Blog_0066

So I’ve mentioned a lot about how beautiful and sweet and lovey this wedding was, but I should probably mention how FUN these people were to spend the day with. We were about to move onto the guys’ photos and the girls were like, ‘oh, actually we need to get one of us holding Rach real quick!’

Ashley Hopper Blog_0067

^^ hehe handsome, kind, AND fun!!

Ashley Hopper Blog_0068Ashley Hopper Blog_0069

The Minnehaha Country Club was such a beautiful setting for the reception! Ashley Hopper Blog_0070Ashley Hopper Blog_0071Ashley Hopper Blog_0072Ashley Hopper Blog_0073Ashley Hopper Blog_0074

Ashley Hopper Blog_0080Ashley Hopper Blog_0079Ashley Hopper Blog_0076

Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate. Matthew 19:6

Bridesmaids Dresses: Ready or Knot

Cake: QT Cakes

DJ: Jeff Wheeler at Pinnacle Productions

Dress: A Watters design purchased at Rhylan Lang

Flowers: Josephine’s Unique Floral Designer

Hair: Jackie from Belle Ame Salon & Spa

Tuxes: Halberstadt’s Men’s Clothiers

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